Lulugayan Falls - Calbiga W. Samar

Lulugayan Falls - Calbiga W. Samar
By: Rocky Fabillane

Photo: Rocky Fabillane
📖The legend says Lulugayan Falls got its name from a fairy who's taking a bath during night time where she untangle her very long hair and the cascading waters become almost instantly silent. Her long hair or "lugay" touched the rapids which absorbed almost all of it, thereby silencing the whole river with it. Part of the falls shine bright at night when this fairy appeared.

Photo: Rocky Fabillane
📰Tagged as the "mini Niagara" of Samar, Lulugayan Falls is definitely worth a visit to every aspiring tourists as well as the locals who want to experience the extraordinary view.

●Habal-habal fee: 480 for 1 motor, maximum of 4 persons, back and forth (total of 5 including driver)

●Tour guide fee: 300 pesos

●Optional: Life vest rental per pax

●Walk in guests/tourists: Brgy. Literon Tourism

●How far from Calbiga town proper: 14 kilometers to Brgy. Literon

●Best time to visit: During sunrise, week-long suppression of rain, summer

●Worst time to visit: Don't visit if rain is in the forecast, or a heavy rain shall occur at any time

●Rating: 9/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Photo: Rocky Fabillane
Video by: Rocky Fabilane

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