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📍🗾Guiuan Eastern Samar🗾📍
(one of the Jewels of Eastern Visayas)

📌Guiuan Eastern Samar

Located in the southernmost tip of Eastern Samar, Guiuan has a land area of 17,549 hectares and a population of about 45,000. A second-class municipality (annual income: P45 million to P55 million), it has 60 barangays, including the islands of Tubabao, Calicoan, Sulangan, Homonhon and Suluan.

GUIUAN, Eastern Samar perhaps no other place in Eastern Visayas has been endowed with so much tourist attractions than the ancient town of Guiuan in Eastern Samar. Not only is it rich in history and culture but it also boasts of many natural wonders.


Calicoan was declared by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the “Surfing Capital of the Visayas.” What is unique about the island, the mayor says, is that the side facing the Pacific Ocean has big waves which is ideal for surfing. The side facing the Leyte Gulf has calm waters suitable for swimming and boating.
The 1,600-hectare Calicoan also has a lush forest with abundant wildlife, such as monkeys and monitor lizards, six lagoons and some caves.


The Sulangan Church is also known as The Shrine of St. Anthony of Padua. It is known to both the locals and pilgrims because of being miraculous. St. Anthony is considered the Patron Saint for lost items, articles, people, or even spiritual goods. Many people go to the Sulangan church to ask Saint Anthony of Padua even the most impossible wishes and the saint is believed to grant them.  It has been said that once you’ve promised to visit the place or attend the mass at their church, you must and should fulfill it. Why? Coz according to some people, undesirable consequences then would happen if you’ve ignored and disregard what you’ve promised, like getting sick, unwanted accidents, or other misfortunes. These were claims from people who had such experiences though.


 Linao Cave is a hidden cave in the tropical forest located just a thrilling walk away from Calicoan and Brgy. Sulangan. The name Linao Cave is derived from the word Linao or Linaw, a Waray-waray term (the local dialect of Samareños) which means clear. The locals called the cave as such because of the cold, fresh and clear waters that it houses.

🚏How to get there🚴🚣🏃

✔From tacloban City,  take a ride via van (duptours, vanvans,  guiuan express)  to guiuan
proper.  Travel Cost: 160 , Travel duration: 3-4 hours. Guiuan Express offers a direct trip from tacloban
to Sulangn Church instead in Guiuan proper during sundays 5-6am.
Travel cost:200

✔From Guiuan to Sulangan Church: take a ride via six-seater tryke
.Ordinary Travel cost: 50php per pax. Pakyaw-trip cost:350php


 I ssuggest you to stay at calicoan island for a flexible access to guiuan proper and sulangan and
to other tourist destinations and attracftions inside guiuan. However,  there are many
hotela and accomodations to stay in guiuan proper and calicoan island.


Amenities: air conditioning, essentials,  laptop friendly workplace,
free parking on premises,  dining,  bed and bath

Rates: 1,968 per night


-Location Brgy. Sulangan, Calicoan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar

-Rates:25 Pesos Entrance Fee
3,000 Pesos – Aircon rooms with Private Bath
2,500 Pesos – Aircon rooms with Common Bath
2,000 Pesos – Non-Aircon rooms with Common Bath
500 Pesos – Surf board rental for whole day

- Contact Numbers 0927-871-0588, 0905-394-1906, 0917-206-9602

These are few hotels to stay in guiuan eatern samar but there are
lots to choose from within sulangan and calicoan island like PAD4, ABCD beach resort and others.


✔ENTRANCE FEE IS NOT REQUIRED-you may visit calicoan island along the high way going to sulangan
and linao cave without paying any entrance fee.
✔Going to linao cave involves trekking for about 30 minutes and if youre not used to this, the road to the cave may a bit rough. Tourists need to have a local tour guide to go to Linao Cave. There are two options to reach the cave.  First  is through mountain climbing at the top of the cave and rappeling down to the cave itself.  Another way to go inside the cave is to get through entering a small opening of a cave. This is the option I chose since rappelling is risky without the proper gears. Entering this way requires swimming. You also need to use a flashlight since the tunnel is dark. 
✔Since getting inside requires you to swim,  better use a waterproof bag for your stuffs like clothes and gadgets.
✔Bring sportscam for underwater shots,  powerbank to backup your battery power source.
✔You may have a surfing lesson at the surfing camp in the ABCD beach resor.  Just approach the surfers there.
✔Be people and environment friendly.  ALWAYS.

enjoy your visit and the breathtaking view of Guiuan Eastern Samar.

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